stop hair from breaking

How to stop hair from breaking and splitting

Breakage is the most common hair problem. It is caused by external environmental factors, improper care, as well as malfunctions of vital organs and systems. The problem is manifested by a lack of shine, elasticity, softness, lifeless color, the presence of multiple “knots” in the area where hair breaks. The hair looks like straw, both to the touch and appearance. The situation is not saved by either playful waves or Hollywood curls.

The best way to eliminate the problem is prevention. It is incomparably more economical and effective than hair treatment, because it requires less cost and effort. What procedures and remedies are worth diversifying in order to counteract hair breakage?

Style safely

Safe styling is the first step toward healthy, beautiful hair. Try to minimize the use of heat devices such as straighteners, stylers, curling irons and crimpers. If you do, first apply a heat protectant. It envelops the hair in an invisible film that provides protection from high temperatures, and thus prevents breakage and splitting. When choosing a heat protectant, be sure to pay attention to the composition. It is important that in addition to silicone (it has low thermal conductivity, as well as locks moisture from the inside, not allowing it to evaporate) means include herbal extracts and vitamins. These ingredients take care of the hair, giving it a mirror-like shine and elasticity.

Also it is necessary to be careful with the hairdryer. The flow of hot air dries the hair, destroying the cuticle to the core. The result of frequent use is thinning, brittleness, separation, hair loss and even dandruff. Try to use a hair dryer no more than once a week. First dry your hair naturally, gently blotting it with a towel, and then (after 10-15 minutes) use a hair dryer in cold air mode, keeping a distance of 30-40 cm and directing the air flow in the direction of hair growth. Be sure to separate the hair into small strands, securing the excess with clips on the crown. This way you will reduce the time of using the hair dryer.

Reduce the use of hair styling products.

If your style involves the use of styling products, try to minimize its use and avoid harsh components. In particular cut back on hairspray. You should use it only for special occasions and in small quantities, for instance to fix your hair on a formal evening or a party. The daily use promises drying of the scalp and hair, as well as brittleness, separation and a dull shade. This is due to the fact that the nail polish contains alcohol and other components of chemical origin with an aggressive effect.

It should also be noted that the frequent use of varnish provokes clogging of pores of the scalp, which helps to slow down breathing and disturbances in the nutrition of hair follicles. This, in turn, leads to the destruction of hair structure, hair loss, alopecia (baldness) and various diseases of the scalp. To reduce the harmful effects of nail polish, it is important when you come home to wash your hair thoroughly and intensely moisturize it with a mask based on oils, herbal extracts, plant proteins.

Give your hair the ultimate care

Grooming isn’t just about shampoo and balm. If you want your locks to flow with health and mirror shine like on the cover of a magazine, include in your arsenal of intensive masks (especially in winter) and moisturizing serums. To prevent brittleness will help cosmetics based on hydrolyzed keratin. It is able to penetrate deep into hair and “seal” the damaged parts, so curls gain power, volume, shine, become softer and more elastic. Also hydrolyzed keratin envelopes hair with an invisible film, thereby preventing evaporation of moisture, repels the negative effects of ultraviolet rays and finally protects from the harmful effects of oxidants, which are included in modern dyes.

No less effective care against brittleness with the participation of masks based on linseed oil. Due to the high content of unsaturated fatty acids, vitamins A, E, F and B vitamins, the natural gift helps to normalize the nutrition of hair follicles, improve the structure of curls, their strengthening, hydration and active growth. In addition to these qualities, linseed oil based products are praised for the ability to eliminate dandruff and seborrhea. Flax oil is especially useful for owners of dry hair, as well as people who regularly dye their hair and subject it to perm.

It is also necessary to regularly delight your locks with products that include horsetail extract. This component is quite popular among the manufacturers of medicinal and strengthening cosmetics. It contains many useful components that have a preventive effect on the hair – prevent brittleness, separation, loss, dryness. Its significant advantage is also that it is suitable for all hair types. Dry strands will give it the necessary moisture and oily ones will get rid of greasiness by normalizing the sebaceous glands.

stop hair from breaking

Cosmetics containing wheat proteins will provide excellent support for your hair. This component increases elasticity and firmness of hair, prevents the loss of vital moisture, retains the shade long after dyeing, gives a healthy shine, thicken the structure, protect against the negative effects of environmental factors, including ultraviolet rays. Due to the small size of wheat protein molecules they easily penetrate into deep layers of the skin, improving blood circulation, nourishing hair follicles and active hair growth.

Also many vegetable oils, but especially argan, coconut, shea, cocoa, olive and castor oils, vitamins A, E and group B, sage extract and essential oils, extracts of chamomile, nettle and burdock, seaweed extracts counteract hair breakage. These components maintain optimal moisture levels and provide a powerful protection, so that the hair enjoys health, elasticity and mirror shine.