10 Tips on Caring for Colored Hair

Everyone who dyes hair should take care of it more diligently. There are at least 10 general rules that will help your locks look beautifully and healthy even after repeated colouring.

  1. For the first 2-3 weeks after dyeing, avoid using hot devices for laying and curling strands.
  2. Dry your hair with a towel at room temperature or using a dryer with a cold air.
  3. For washing, use warm water instead of hot one. Also, buy a special shampoo, and if you need to wash the hair daily, soap it only once. If possible, it is better to not wash hair very often. This procedure dries curls, and after styling they are already overdried.
  4. Use a conditioner with a natural base. Especially thoroughly cover the tips, so they do not split. Remove it with water very well – having remained, it makes hair greasy very quickly.
  5. Use combs and brushes with natural base or wooden ones. With the plastic and metal combs, dyed hair is highly electrified. By the way, it is useful to brush your hair at night, for 15 minutes – this makes them tameable.
  6. Styling is best done with a hair dryer and round brush since it’s a less harmful option.
  7. Do not often use a gel. It is better to give preference to modelling paste and wax.
  8. Acquire nutrients for the care – all kinds of balms and masks with vitamins of B group.
  9. Do not go out without a hat or scarf on a sunny day – the sun is not a friend in this case at all. It is also recommended to wear a bathing cap while swimming. If you don’t have one, apply protective oil to the hair (especially on the tips of the curls).
  10. One of the best options for revival is the mask with avocado. Take 1-2 bananas (depending on the length of strands), 1 ripe avocado, 2 tablespoons of olive oil, blend with a blender in puree. Apply to the hair along the entire length. Cover it with a parchment and wrap the head in a towel. Leave the useful mix for 60 minutes. Rinse thoroughly with warm water and shampoo. Such procedure actively helps to nourish the hair and strengthen their structure from the inside.

The harmful effects of dyes can be followed with a microscope. First we dye our hair, and then watch. You can see that the area near the root is smooth, and completely healthy, the middle part of is slightly ruffled, and already the lower one is dry, brittle, their tips are forked.

Upon these scientific facts you may assume that the use of oils is also a must. The procedure is extremely simple: apply it evenly over the head and the entire length of the locks, wrap it for an hour or two. Coconut oil can be hard, so before use it should be heated in a water bath or in a hand. For oily hair, oil can be used once a week, and for dry hair – every three days.

So, as you see, all advices are very simple, you just need to read them and follow every day.