How to Prevent Splitting Hair Tips

A simple and effective way to resolve a problem of split tips is to regularly cut your hair. But we often do not pay attention to this simple act, do not consider it important, and save time and money being eager to grow a luxurious hair! The most interesting thing is that if you hair is starting to be brittle, finally you will still have to cut it much shorter than during the “prevention”.

Beauty industry professionals even recommend a special technology: cut the length by about 1 cm every 8 weeks. The reward for such a careful approach will be thick and healthy hair.

Causes and Consequences

First of all, it is necessary to eliminate all the causes of this problem. The reason for the split ends is the chemical, thermal and mechanical effects.

Especially harmful is chemical perm. The composition of  a liquid damages the structure of the hair. If you cannot refuse hair dyeing, choose as much as possible that one with organic components. Minimize the use of electrical devices or to lay the curls in the less possible temperature mode.

Here are some basic items to overcome the problem:

  • brushes made of natural bristles;
  • scallops of bone or wood.

Read the best recommendations on this subject:

  • Refuse cheap combs with metal bristles immediately! If possible, avoid drying hair with a hairdryer.
  • Good results are obtained by cutting with “hot scissors” – this is the proven method that many stylists practice successfully.
  • Various shampoos, balms for damaged hair will provide the right amount of nutrients. And, at least, until the next washing of the head prevent some problems.
  • Special oils also are excellent preventive means. If you apply almond, castor, or linseed oils to your tips for half an hour before washing your hair, then wrap it in a plastic bag, and top with a towel. This will be an excellent procedure to revive your strands. These same oils will help a lot if you use them before going to the beach or to the pool.
  • Remember the advice of grandmothers and after washing rinse your hair with apple cider or vinegar!
  • In summer, protect your hair from direct sunlight: a long stay without a headdress overdries it.
  • Do not use sharp pins or clips – they damage the structure of the hair.
  • Minimize the use of fixing agents – mousses, gels, sprays and wax containing alcohol.

There is also very important point: you need to diversify your diet with fatty fish, cereals; salads preferably dress with linen seed or olive oil. Some nuts should be on your table every day.

Beauty requires sacrifice, doesn’t it?