How to Dye Hair in Several Stages at Home

Methods and techniques for home hair dyeing are very different. Most women have dyed their hair at least once in their lives. Today, hairdressers are ready to offer many options on how to change the color of curls. Turn from a brunette to a blonde or become a brown-haired woman is no longer difficult. And what if there is no time or desire to visit the salons, but you still want to paint your hair? Well, this is not a problem now: the process can be done at home.

In fact, this will save the money essentially. And if you strictly follow the instructions, then the result will be no worse than after the hands of the salon master.

So let’s consider technology of classical monochrome colouring. Detailed instructions for the procedure are attached to each package. So have a bold start!  You will need:

  • dye;
  • brush or sponge;
  • glass container;
  • wooden or plastic rod; cotton wheels;
  • hand cream;
  • hair clips.

Some women recommend 2-4 days before colouring do not wash your head. The fat layer formed on the hair protects it from the aggressive effects of the chemical dye. Do not be afraid, it will not affect the result.

Here the stages of dyeing:

  • prepare all necessary items for staining;
  • fix the hair with an elastic band or a clamp on the vertex and apply cream on the places of possible contact with the paint: ears, neck, forehead. This is necessary to ensure that chemical drops accidentally caught on the skin will not burn it;
  • divide the hair into several parts: the occipital region, temporal lobes and parietal;
  • pinch the hair bundles with clamps;
  • prepare the liquid: in the glass bowl squeeze the oxidant, and then the color.
  • stir the mixture to a uniform consistency; put on gloves and take a brush or sponge; grab some liquid, apply it to the roots of the hair. Start the process from the back, and leave the top of the head and temples for a last touch;
  • each strand should be combed after the colouring;
  • having finished with all strands, wrap the head with a paper and towel;
  • after a certain time specified in the instructions, rinse the paint with warm water and dry the head with a towel (it is not necessary to wash the shampoo for the first time).

You will see the true colour in a day. During this time, the hair will finally get rich hue from inside, and the colour will be similar as on the photo of the package.

If you want to change the ton or add some highlights, repeat all steps applying the colour you need on entire head or certain strands. Good luck!