4 Seasons: What Color of Hair to Choose

Change the colour of hair is not so difficult. But it is necessary to be careful with new image. If you dye your hair in the wrong hue, you can seem older by just a few years.

Stylists believe that the hue of hair dye should be chosen based on the natural features. Creating a fashionable image, they advise to always focus on the so-called colour type. That is a combination of natural tone of ringlets, eyes and skin tone.

There are 4 types named after the seasons. Determine your variant, and pick the right hair one, which will fit the face and eyes.


The major base of «spring» is light facial features. Even if the hair is dark, then there must be bright strands. The skin tone is light ivory, porcelain, with bronze or peach hues..

So what shades are suitable?

Girls of this type may choose warm, golden colours. Very delicate reddish halftones, light-brown range and sandy curls also shade the delicate beauty of “spring”. The best options are:

  • Copper blond
  • Golden blond
  • Golden caramel
  • Solar amber
  • Light-golden
  • Sand


Strangely enough, but the peculiarity of “summer” is the cooling shades in appearance. This refers to the blue-white colour of the skin, cool-blond shades of hair and icy eye color.

Why don’t “summer girl” consider this palette:

  • Ashy
  • Silver
  • Platinum
  • Pearl
  • Vanilla Blond
  • Wheat blond
  • Frosty beige
  • White gold


The main features of “autumn” – a warm palette in the look with reddish-golden hues. The face of girls of type type is often decorated with cute freckles. To emphasize the golden shade of the skin and the warm tone of the eyes, the girls of the autumn type will be helped by chocolate, bronze or copper locks.

There is a number of hues to choose:

  • Chocolate or coffee with golden tint
  • Golden chestnut
  • Honey chestnut


This is really the coldest color type. It is believed that it is very difficult to radically change the image of such girls. They are already very bright by nature. After all, their main feature is the contrast. In comparison with pale face sometimes with blue halftone, black hair is really impressive.

Ideal for “winter” are coffee, black, rich chestnut shades. Ready to experiment with blue and red hues? For example, the “eggplant” hue. Sometimes, you can really be surprised with result.

Here some idea for a new image:

  • Blueberry black
  • Black-chestnut
  • Anthracite
  • Cocoa fusion
  • Black chocolate
  • Frosty chestnut
  • Black Tulip
  • Frosty glare

As you see, there are no secrets in beauty industry and you may create your irresistible look very easily.