charitonVredenburg – Chariton Family Aquatic Center

The Aquatic Center is located at 1307 Lucas Avenue in Chariton. This family fun park has a water slide, playground equipment, concession stand, water play features, one and three meter diving boards, water spray features and tot slides.

Vision 2 Theatre

Great fun for the entire family. There are two screens offering a choice of films. Located two blocks north of the Square in Chariton. 641-774-8878 for show listings.

Music and Dancing

Saturday nights at the Soda Pop Saloon, 25281 Hwy 34, Chariton. Visit for more information.

Lakeview Golf and Country Club

This quality 9-hole golf course also includes the Crystal Lake Restaurant. Call for tee times and restaurant hours. Rental carts are available. 641-774-5964.

Mormon Trail

From 1846 to 1848 thousands of pioneers trekked across the region on the Mormon Trail, a majority following the easier northern Mormon Trace route. A boulder with a brass plate marks the site of Chariton Point – one and one-half miles southeast of Chariton, where thirty some Mormons spent the winder of 1846-47. Wagon wheel ruts and campfire rocks can still be seen. Another commemorative boulder and interpretive panel is on the Chariton Square. An additional interpretive panel is located on the east Hwy 34 entrance to Chariton. Iowa Mormon Trails Association, 515-782-6196.

Farm Machinery and Hay Auctions

This attraction is not just for buyers but people who love the opportunity to see new and old equipment and socialize with other farmers. Check out the sale dates on the website below!

Chariton Farmer’s Market

Looking for fresh, homegrown produce, homemade baked goods and craft items made by hand? You’ll find it all and more at Chariton’s weekly Farmers Market, held Thursdays from 4 to 6 p.m. from late May through early October on the east side of the Courthouse lawn on the Square.

Lucas County Fair

Enjoy a visit or visits to the Lucas County Fair held at the Lucas County Fairgrounds each summer. See the website below for more information!

Miniature Golf

Miniature Golf

The Country Style Miniature Golf course located on Hwy. 34 just east of downtown is both kid and adult friendly. The course is located within the Welcome Center complex of buildings, including the bait shop, Trading Post, Antique Barn, and Soda Pop Saloon.

Bird Watching

Are you interested in learning about your backyard feathered friends?

Tourism Lucas County and Lucas County Master Gardener’s and Friends would like to help you get started. Few birds are as familiar—or as loved—as the black-capped chickadee. Tiny but energetic packages of feathered joy, chickadees grace woodlands, yards and gardens year-round. Understated yet classy describes the chickadee’s feathered finery—black bib and cap framing bright white cheeks, and a steely-gray back blending into delicate buff-and-cream under parts. Chickadee acrobatics are fun to watch as the birds flit, cling, swing, hang and contort to glean insects, larvae and seeds.

Listen for buzzing chicka-dee-dee-dee calls as a feeding flock works through the trees and bushes. In late winter and spring, listen for the high-low fee-bee call the birds make as they establish nesting territories. Listen to its songs and calls at

Common to Iowa Southern Iowa and Lucas County, Chickadees are popular at our back yard bird feeders.

Feed chickadees black-oil sunflower seed. Any type of seed feeder will do. Chickadees love suet and animal fat, too; place in a suet cage and hang from a tree limb or feeder pole arm.

Attract nesting chickadees with a small nest box with a 1-1/8-inch-diameter hole. The birds will furnish bark pieces, plant down, moss, fur and feathers to make a cushiony home inside for eggs and nestlings.

Did you know?

To conserve precious energy, a chickadee’s heartbeat and metabolism slows almost to a standstill on cold winter nights. Printed from “Extra Dirt”