Bring your paints and canvases or your camera to… Derby

“Artistic Impressions of the Past”

As it was in the beginning, God created a beautiful prairie some 13 miles southwest of Chariton Point, as it was known in 1870. Over the years, Derby has gone from a bustling farming community to a current population of about 130 people who treasure a rural lifestyle in a small town.

In its early days, four passenger trains a day stopped in Derby. There were freight trains every day hauling large amounts of grain and stock to Chicago. It’s opera house was renown throughout the state. One of its restaurants was a huge tourist draw.

Former U.S. Representative and Senator, Lester Dickinson, (1873-1968) was born in Derby. Dickinson became the House leader of the first, historic Farm Bloc.

Hustle and bustle has departed this community, leaving in its stead many impressions of the past that call out to artists and photographers and some history buffs who seek a sense of what used to be.